Our Services

Our goal is for you to leave your appointment feeling lighter or unburdened; equipped with what you need to live a little happier.

Everyone is unique. Mental health treatment is tailored to the individual. Our treatment strategies are dynamic. We develop our approach in consultation with our clients needs, goals and circumstances. What is consistent at Blacktown Psychology, is our expert team’s compassion, empathy and focus on empowerment.

Who do we treat?

Blacktown Psychology retains experts, each specially trained to offer therapy to all adults, and all identities.

What do we treat?

Not everyone fits squarely into a mental health diagnosis. In fact, most people don’t.

With our combined years of experience, we know mental health is not black and white. Depression, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, personality issues or anger and trauma issues are fields of treatment expertise.

Whether you feel one of the above diagnoses applies, or if you just feel like you would benefit from having someone different to talk to, call or make an appointment.

How do we treat?

The Blacktown Psychology team are committed to staying ahead of the curve. Our treatment methods are informed by science and grounded in established best practice.

Where appropriate or required, Telehealth appointments are available for all clients.